The BerlinSaloon is an official SXSW venue, powered by Infopark and supported by Berlin Partner. From 8th to 10th March, we will host an exciting mix of entertainment, talks and meetups, presenting the best of Berlin’s creative and tech economy and the latest innovations from one of Europe’s leading startup hubs.

And we want you to join us at the BerlinSaloon! 

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BerlinSaloon Program

Thursday, March 7th

BerlinSaloon opening party

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Opening Party (no official SXSW Event)

Berlin attracts creative minds from all over the world and is home to ground-breaking businesses and startups. But as you know, Berlin is a city not only known for its tech-scene and startups but also for its unique music and DJ scene.

So we will host our Opening party on Thursday with the legendary DJ Quid Haden. 

Drop by to connect with the Berlin scene!

Friday, March 8th, 3 pm - 5 pm

SIBB meetup

Make IT happen in Berlin:  Expand your network, go international & get innovative via Berlin and its partner city Warsaw!

Berlin attracts creative minds from all over the world and is home to ground-breaking businesses and startups. The German capital offers a high-quality lifestyle, full access to broad-based financing, an eclectic talent pool and one of the most open-minded tech-scenes in the world.

In Berlin, you can gain the unique opportunity to cooperate with leading technology visionaries and work with partners from all over the World in new and exciting ways.

The German capital also entices established businesses to relocate here, like former US-based ResearchGate and many others. Have you ever been thinking of expanding your tech-business via Berlin?

Together is better – we will show you how our member companies embrace technology and sustainable growth in international cooperation. Get to know the disruptive technologies (AI, Blockchain, Ed Tech, Space Tech) from Berlin and its partner city Warsaw, presented by the ICT & Digital Business Association Berlin and its counter-partner from Warsaw – ICT Cluster Mazovia.

ICT & Digital Business Association Berlin (SIBB e.V.) 
The more than 230 member companies include: Digital companies with various focal points, international tech companies, IT service provider, e-commerce companies, various universities and research institutes. Founded in the 1990s ICT & Digital Business Association Berlin is today an established partner of the entire industry in the capital region and a co-shaper of the political and economic framework conditions.

Mazovia Cluster ICT
The Mazovia Cluster ICT has created within 10 years of operation a cooperation platform for over 300 companies employing 300,000 employees, with total revenues of 20 bln €. The competence areas of Mazovia Cluster ICT are: space, telecommunication, IT, industrial automatics, power engineering, GIS, Business System Solutions, Creative Industry, Smart City, Smart Grid, eHealth, Decision Support System.

Friday, March 8th, 5 pm - 7 pm

Subject: JavaScript, React, Web Development, Serverless Computing

The Downtown ReactJS Meetup is first and foremost community driven. We provide an environment where developers gather and share experiences working with React and the frontend ecosystem. Our speakers present on a full spectrum of development from fun side projects, tips on keeping up to date with the current technologies, and applying the latest React functionalities.

In this meetup we present The Book Pundit application: an application that searches, retrieves, and displays books along with reader comments. We begin by outlining the application architecture, including the frontend composition, backend services, and the client-server contract. Next, we go through setting up webpack for local development, building for production, and deploying to Netlify. Finally, we do a deep dive into the internals of the React application's functionality: lazy loading & hooks, state management with redux, and handling async effects with sagas.

Come join us and be part of the Downtown ReactJS Meetup Community!

Friday, March 8th, 8 pm - 1 am

Infopark Party

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Come and experience Berlin’s legendary nightlife while listening to rising music artists from Germany’s creative capital! 

QUID HADEN (Kingsize Bar)

As the manager of the legendary Kingsize Bar, Quid became an authority in Berlin's nightlife. 

At the mixing desk he is a regular at the hottest events in Berlin. He plays the finest sounds from HipHop to House. QUID HADEN start lovin´!

DJ Quid Haden

Techno has always been about imagining the future and experiencing the excitement of change and discovery. If anybody has lived up to this aspiration in recent years, it must be Stefan Goldmann. 

A special relationship has formed between Stefan Goldmann and Berlin’s Berghain club since 2006. He opened up the club to experimental formats and plays all three rooms of the venue.

Official SXSW Event. Badge holders only. Eventbrite RSVP does not entitle entrance to the event as this is subject to capacity.

Saturday, March 9th, 12 pm - 5 pm

Startup Colors meetup

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  • 12:00 - Healthy Lunch powered by FTR4H
  • 01:00 - Keynote: Nurses role in leading digital technologies
  • 01:15 - Panel: Talk to me - Voice Recognition and AI in Healthcare
  • 02:00 - Panel: Science Fiction meets Health
  • 02:45 - Ignite Talk by Medable
  • 03:00 - Mini break
  • 03:15 - Panel: Blockchain for Impact in Healthcare
  • 04:00 - Fireside Chat (without fire): Being an Empowered Patient
  • 04:30- Drinks

    Confirmed speakers:

    Michelle Longmire, CEO, Medable

    Patrick Leonard, CEO, Sopris Health

    Shawna Butler, EntrepreNURSE in residence

    Rasu Shrestha, Chief Strategy Officer, Atrium Health

    Shari Langemark, Director Innovation, Cereneo Clinic Switzerland

    Shamala Hinrichsen, Founder, Hanai

    Dennis Grishin, Chief Scientific Officer, Nebula Genomics

    Carsten C. Mahrenholz, CEO, Coldplasmatech

    Joseph Curcio, CEO, Kinaptic

    Nick Adkins, Advisory board,

    Aman Quadri, CEO, Amsys Blockchain

    Juergen Primbs, Head IT, Hospital Ludwig-Maximilian-University

Saturday, March 9th, 5.30 - 7.30 pm

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Leaders in Tech

Leaders in Tech is a group of senior execs and thought leaders who get together to discuss current tech trends, share knowledge, learn new things and network. We have created thriving local communities in Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart, Reading, UK, and now we are excited to expand to Austin.

TBD- the tech leader panel topics will be co-created discussion points determined by panel members. We empower you and your peer-leaders to take the reins and discuss your passions, however those intersect with your personal and professional life as a tech leader.

Our Purpose:

Leaders in Tech is about giving you and your peer-leaders a circle to share successes, failures, and lessons learned in a peer-to-peer community.

The Why:

Simple; we want to be part of adding value to our industry and the City of Austin. There is a gap in the leader community. While there are hundreds of community opportunities for technical professionals in Austin, there are very few for those who lead the direction of our industry. We want to take part in changing that.

Our Passion:

The drive and ambitious passion for continued next-leveling, self-growth and dedication are exactly the kinds of leadership qualities that make Austin, and our leaders, so special. We want to harness that passion to drive value for our growing and ever-changing Austin tech community.

Austin Fraser is a company that focusses on building relationships and connecting people. We do recruitment for a living and strongly believe in the value of community. We deliver the best candidates to our clients and the right jobs to our candidates because every consultant is an industry expert who only focusses on their market.

We believe community is all about healthy relationships and knowledge exchange. To establish and foster communities we host free leadership, networking and technology events or meetups. These events aren't just open to clients, they are available to anyone involved in the markets we support. We connect the right people, to build healthy long lasting professional relationships by creating strong communities.

Saturday, March 9th, 8 pm - 1 am

Infopark Party

Come and experience Berlin’s legendary nightlife while listening to rising music artists from Germany’s creative capital!

QUID HADEN (Kingsize Bar)

As the manager of the legendary Kingsize Bar, Quid became an authority in Berlin's nightlife. 

At the mixing desk he is a regular at the hottest events in Berlin. He plays the finest sounds from HipHop to House. QUID HADEN start lovin´!

DJ Quid Haden

Ori Alboher, is a multi-instrumentalist creator that has been making music under the name ORI since 2012.

Inspired by R&B, Pop, Ambient and Soul, ORI shares his music with a soft voice, manipulated vocals, loops and beats - building up melodic, rhythmic and repetitive structures that pulls the listener into the music while forming moods oscillating between intimacy and distant depths.

Ori photo

The Worlds First Techno Record, entirely Recorded with Robots!

Moritz Simon Geist, media artist and robotic musician, published the world’s first techno record played entirely by self-made futuristic robots.

Each sound on this record is played by robots. Small motors beat on metal, 3D-printed robo-kalimbas vibrate with deep bass sounds, salvaged parts from old hard drives click and cut. 

Moritz Simon picture
Official SXSW Event. Badge holders only. Eventbrite RSVP does not entitle entrance to the event as this is subject to capacity.

Sunday, March 10th, 3 pm - 4.30 pm

Pitch Perfect

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Experience Berlin’s most innovative startups pitching to international VCs! 

You might have heard of Berlin being one of the leading startup hubs within Europe. Time to prove that reputation!

Get to know the best of Berlin's startup scene first hand at the BerlinSaloon. The pitching startups come from a wide variety of industries including FinTech, BioTech and AI. Find out which concepts can withstand the jury's expectations.

These startups are presenting their business ideas:

Entrepreneur and VC judges for our 2019 pitch include:
  • Capital Factory
  • Samsung NEXT
  • Further members tba here soon
Join us for a drink and connect with the Berlin startup scene and our international jury!

Sunday, March 10th, 4.30 pm - 5.30 pm

Berlin x London - Tech Meetup

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Berlin x London Meetup

Meet entrepreneurs and startups shaking up the Berlin & London tech scene!

Ever wanted to know what the startup scene is like beyond Silicon Valley and the US? Meet successful founders, tech enthusiasts and decision makers from the leading startup hubs Berlin & London who can tell you how to do it right in Europe!

In 2018, European tech gained more attention than ever before from all over the world: Europe‘s tech hubs attracted more founders, more talent and more VC funding from aross the globe, counted more exits and became more involved in inter-city exchanges.

The event starts with a short welcome speech by Dr. Stefan Franzke, CEO of Berlin Partner, followed by networking. Get exclusive insights and discuss the latest tech trends while enjoying a snack and drinks!

Sunday, March 10th, 5.30 pm - 7.00 pm

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Future of Mobility Panel

"Too Long; Didn’t Reach - tl;dr"

Curated content hosted by re:publica, Europe’s largest festival for the digital society as part of their Sequencer Tour during the “Deutschlandjahr USA“ Details tba soon!

Sunday, March 10th, 8 pm - 1 am

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Berlin nightlife vibes at the BerlinSaloon – join us for networking, live music & drinks!

...Because it wouldn't be a proper Berlin showcase, if it didn't end on a bang.

SXSW brings the best rising artists from Berlin to Austin to showcase at the festival. On our last night we will bring some legendary Berlin nightlife vibes into the BerlinSaloon.

Join us and mingle with Berlin’s tech and startup scene while listening to these artist and enjoying free drinks (first come, first served).


Berlin's new duchess of alternative pop Sofia Portanet brings post punk and Neue Deutsche Welle (German New Wave) into 2019 in her very own contemporary style.

Sofia Portanet

Daniel Brandt, co-founder of acclaimed ensemble Brandt Brauer Frick, released his second solo album Channels recently.

It is Brandt’s biggest statement yet, with the album’s thrilling avant-garde framework interweaving chord-driven techno, orchestral flourishes, rich electronic textures and hints of dark cinematic pop.

Daniel Brandt picture

We make music for people with long hair but also with short hair. GURR is a punk and garage band from Berlin playing their DJ Set at BerlinSaloon. Lots of love. Andreya Casablanca & Laura Lee Jenkins

GURR picture
Official SXSW Event. Badge holders only. Eventbrite RSVP does not entitle entrance to the event as this is subject to capacity.

BerlinSaloon @SXSW 2019 - details

#1 Program

SXSW concert
The Berlin Saloon is the perfect mix of fun and entertainment with talks, information and networking which match the SXSW experience perfectly - the opposite of dull. We will carry out the “Wild West” traditions at the Berlin Saloon, but with a modern twist. There will be meetups with many hot topics: For three days, tech and marketing experts will meet for news and discuss trends in Web Development, Startups, Business Innovation and Marketing. We will host a co-working cafe to ensure the buzz also during daytime. Every evening we will bring some of the best DJs and Live Acts on stage for our big party!

#2 Berlin Café

BerlinSaloon cafe
During the day, we will turn the space into a co-working cafe where people can hang out and enjoy free fast internet and complimentary drinks and coffee. If you have ever attended SXSW, you'll know that spaces where you can meet for an interesting talk or write that one important article are rare. Every visitor is invited to hang out as long as they want to - and get involved in a conversation with our partners, learn more about your business and maybe also discover in the meantime an interesting meet-up. Or you'll just play a round of billiard together and make new friends.

#3 Meetups

SXSW conference keynote

BerlinSaloon is all about content - and that's why we'll host exciting meetups to bring people together around topics like Startups, Internet of Things, Web Development, JavaScript & React, DevOps, Serverless Computing, Artificial Intelligence, FinTech, Blockchain, Business Innovation, UX and Design. There will be at least eight meetups taking place in the BerlinSaloon. Every meetup will be moderated by one of our partners who are a good fit for the topic discussed. 

#4 Parties

BerlinSaloon parties

As you know, Berlin is a city not only known for its startups but also for its unique music and DJ scene. So we will host three parties, the big splashes on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


"Our what3words address is ///action.starch.drum"

Buffalo Billiards

We secured one of the most sought after locations in the heart of downtown Austin for our Berlin Saloon. Located directly at the corner of W 6th Street and Brazos, Buffalo Billiards overlooks the heart of downtown Austin, making it the perfect venue for the Berlin Saloon and showcase for your company. You will be located close to the conference, on Austin’s famous 6th street, which is frequented by all SXSW participants. It is THE main street where all the buzz takes place - during the day and in the important after-hours as well. The Berlin Saloon will be an official SXSW 2019 venue and therefore listed in all the official materials and timetables.

Buffalo Billiards is a real piece of “Wild West” history and is located on Austin’s historic Sixth Street district, across from the Driskill hotel. Sixth Street is one of the most iconic streets in Austin and is the epicentre of what helped to make Austin the “Live Music Capital of the World.”

Buffalo Billiards @ SXSW
The location consists of two large rooms on the first floor - one buzzy room where everybody comes together and all talks and meetups are held and a second more intimate one where our partners can present themselves and have conversations in the VIP lounge. Additionally, there's our private balcony overlooking historic Sixth Street to enjoy the view and get some fresh air.

The larger room, the Lodge, has a rustic mountain ambience and fantastic views of Sixth Street. This room also includes a stage, 5 HDTV’s, a big screen projector, and wireless microphones - perfect for our presentations, talks, discussions, DJ’s and Live Music. Oh yes, we can’t forget about the large oval bar in the middle of it all with cold local brews and imports alike served with a smile. The smaller Rec Room is a gamer’s paradise accompanied by another full bar.

Buffalo Billiards, main room
Buffalo Billiards bar


If you want to learn more about the BerlinSaloon, please send an email to Stefan Heuser, or use the form below. 


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