< Back to program Science Exhibition: Brain City Berlin March 15 (Sunday) 6 PM - 7 PM

About this Event

Get a taste of Berlin's scientific community.

Rodrigo Pérez García

Rodrigo Pérez García is one of the founders within Berlin's diverse scientific landscape - and Caterina Benincasa present:

*∫ KLAS - Give 'Em Enough Rope*

There is a growing turmoil among world citizens. More and more people with different backgrounds and expertises are taking action to tackle current issues such as climate change, food supply shortages, sanitation accessibility, etc. Polyhedra.eu, together with various other organisations, believe that multidisciplinary approaches - linking Art, Science and Heritage - will surely be more effective as they have a bigger disruption potential.

Polyhedra is a non-profit cultural association that thrives to provide and nurture a fertile ground for interdisciplinary ideas and encounters, like Knowledge Link through Art and Science (KLAS), to take place. We hope those will help to germinate the mentality and rhizomatic cohesion we want for our kid’s future.

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