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About this Event

Keynote: Data economy - the challenges we are currently facing and what a radical rethink could look like.Our personal data is out there and being used against us in ways we don't understand. Tech giants like Facebook and Google currently have unchecked power when it comes to collecting and using personal data, unleashing a stream of scandals. Elections are manipulated, innocent people lose their homes because of incorrect credit calculations, and others are turned into accidental terror suspects by aggressive algorithms. Data from our online activity isn't just vanishing without a trace - our online pulse is being mined and turned into a trillion-dollar-a-year big data marketing machine. What if the data capital that companies are profiting off was returned to the countries where these citizens live? And if people had ownership of their online shadows?

Berlin startup polypoly is on a mission to give each European individual sovereignty over their personal data. As digital sovereigns, we will make our data available to various services and companies, directly and in a controlled way. 

By creating open source, decentralised software, this will provide businesses with access to better and cheaper data in a fully GDPR compliant way. In turn, they'll be able to develop new business models, products, and services where the customer is an equal partner, and isn't unknowingly turned into a product. This approach will bring billions of Euros of data capital back to the European economy.

 Thorsten Dittmar

polypoly's CEO and Founder, Thorsten Dittmar, has been an entrepreneur, investor, and mentor for 30+ years. 

He will outline in his keynote which challenges we are currently facing in the data economy, what a radical rethink could look like, and how polypoly can support companies in gaining a competitive advantage by investing in data privacy.

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