< Back to program App Showcase: MauAR March 14 (Saturday) 3:00 PM - 3:30PM

About this Event

Discover a revolutionary approach to Augmented Reality!


App Showcase

Pushing the limits of what AR was thought capable of, the App “MauAR” (a play on the German word for wall: "Mauer") tells the story of the Berlin Wall in an immersive historical experience.

MauAR has the honor of being the official app of Berlin’s 30th anniversary of the Berlin Wall falling. Achieving international top ranking in the Apple App Store and worldwide media coverage from the US (NBC News, ABC News) to Japan (NHK TV), MauAR is considered to be one of the most successful AR Apps to date, grabbing the attention of giants like Tim Cook and Tom Brocaw.

Peter Kolski

Presenting to you will be BetaRoom-CEO and lead developer of the MauAR app: Peter Kolski

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